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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

FAQs About Pak Quran Academy

Which countries do you use?

We provide and use services worldwide. But mostly students apply from UK, USA, CANADA, AUS, QATAR, DENMARK, NORWAY, etc. Many families recommended our services living in Non-Muslim countries.

What services do you offer?

We offer the services related to the Quran and Islamic lessons i.e

  • Quran Foundation
  • Quran Reading Online
  • Quran With Tajweed
  • Quran Memorization
  • Quran Translation
  • Tafseer-e-Quran
  • Learn Islamic Studies
  • Learn Arabic Online

We can deliver more than the mentioned lessons depends upon student’s demand.

About Us

Yes, If you really wish to establish professional communication and remembrance of Quran education then you should be starting with an email describing the intent and anything else that you wish to discuss.

To start these qualitative classes, you need the following;

  • A Laptop, PC, iPad or Smart phone.
  • Internet connection.
  • Skype, Zoom,team viewer using for audio/video chat.

You don’t need any computer expertise for these classes. Our tutors will guide you through the basic installation of software. Within two minutes you will be able to take your classes easily.

Yes, you will be able to take these classes because:

  • Our teachers understand more about the learning level of every student when he/ she came.
  • Ready-made courses available and prefer the lesson plan for each and everyone which is better for new comers.
  • We provide services for all level. Even a child of six years upto seventy years old can learn easily.

 Whenever you have registered your kids at SuffaQuran, you will find a parent portal where you will have own username and possword. You can check your account using parent’s portal account.

Whenever registered at SuffaQuran, on daily basis you can check the following regarding your classes history.

  • Total time of classes.
  • Teahcer name, location and his lesson plan.
  • Name of course currently start.
  • Prayers, Duas and Kalmas lesson.
  • When teacher came for class etc.

Payment, Refunds and Exchanges

We accept payment through the online system and offline too.

  • Online System: We use 2checkout for online payment which is a helpful and easy method for clients.
  • Offline System: We can also accept payment through MONEY GRAM, WESTERN UNION, RIA, etc.
  • Bank-IBAN: Use safe methods to send us fees easily through Internationa Bank Account Number- IBAN.
  • Family Package: 10% Discount for Families.
  • Low-income Families: 10% discount for those who can’t afford full fee.

Once you have taken FREE Trials and wishes to register for regular and permanent classes, you should pay at the beginning of every month in advance.

You can take this decision in FREE Trial classes. Any half, if you find some issues in our services after registering then feel free to contact us for returning the classes before paying if arrears behind you.

As we prefer Trials for your satisfaction, if you find an issue in our teachers, curriculum and timing, please don’t use Registration Form. Once you have registered and not satisfied later and want to cancle the classes then there is no refund fully or partialy. But if you have paid for more than one month, after deducting a small you will refunded the remaining.

Yes, we accept charity around the world for the following porpuses:

  • Teachers: Teachers are able to accept charity because they have no resources besides monthly salary.
  • Low income Families: Those who can’t effort even monthly expenditures but not mentioned and express with others due to the fear of character lose, they are the right people to give them charity with open hands.

The classes fee and charity saves in Allah’s account. When you use 1USD Allah’s way, in return you will find 10USD but required full faith and Iman. The wealth is your when you eat, drink upon yourself and others and give in the Allah’s way.

Timing and Schedule of classes

 Duration of One-One class in 30 minutes for each student. It can be increased up to 45 and 60 minutes on the demand for old students and parents. And it also depends upon the courses a student wants to learn.

Yes, you can choose time and days for FREE Trials and also for regular classes because our teachers are responsible and available 24 hours at all seven days. We give priority to your decission.

Due to any serious problem, if you missed a class. You should inform us before 30 minutes of your class. Then our tutors will take makeup class late when regular classes finished. Another teacher may take your make up class according to the availability.

Due to any seriouse problem, if your teacher absent he must inform you 30 minutes before starting your classes. OR our representative team will contact you about the teacher absence.

If your teacher comes late even 5 minutes of you class time, you can feel free to contact us through the following or using contact us form.
Pak: +923344884000

UK: +923453808261

USA : +923453808261


WhatsApp: +923453808261

 It depends upon different factors like;

  • Classes/Month: The number of classes taken in a month. One can finished the course earlier when take 20 classes instead of 8 classes monthly.
  • Capacity of Students: Its understood that intelligent student finished earlier than a weak one.
  • Age Limitaitons: Adults and Youngers mostly finished around about in 6/8 months. But children and over age people take much more time.
  • Courses Materials: Some are short courses while other are long courses and required a long time to complete it like; Quran Memorization and Tafseer-e-Quran.

Yes, we hire highly qualified and well trained female Quran teachers all over the world specially from Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Pakistan and USA for kids and adults because most of the sisters and daughters don’t like to take the classes with male teachers and also can’t discuss female related issues with male teachers. They are highly recommended and certified teachers.

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Online Quran classes are a popular choice for many Muslim parents, particularly those who live in the USA, Canada, Australia, and UK. We have Quran tutors from Egypt and Jordan. Online Quran teachers are also available from Pakistan, who can teach English and Urdu to the children. All of our teachers speak fluently in Arabic and English. Our female Quran teachers are also highly qualified and experienced for children and their sisters.

We are proud to help convert Muslims get free online Quran Classes and learn more about Islam, Basic Islamic Beliefs and Prayers.

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