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If you want to learn the Quran but either don’t have the time to go to a Quran school or madrassa, or if you do have the time but aren’t getting what you want from your Quran teacher, then taking classes online is the way to go. Roughly 200,000 Muslim children in the United Kingdom and the United States take part in online Quran studies after school. Approximately half an hour of each day is devoted to studying the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic doctrine here. Our online Quran teacher services are available to Muslims all over the world, including those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other parts of Europe.

At Pak Quran Online, we have the most cutting-edge teaching methods and a community of dedicated staff and students who are dedicated to your success in learning and understanding the Holy Quran. We offer online Quran classes in English, Urdu, Persian, and Pushto from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and India, and we have female Quran tutors available for sisters who want to take online Quran classes in these languages.

Along with our online courses, we do our best to foster a community that encourages students’ development of the character traits essential to being good global citizens: love, compassion, peace, tolerance, and justice.

The Teaching of the Quran to Children

As parents, we have an obligation to instil our faith in our offspring. If they want to learn their faith, they must first receive a decent education. If kids are exposed to the religion from an early age until they reach a certain age (say, 18), they can make an informed choice about how they wish to practise it. Many families have their children attend both our online Quran classes for kids and online Quran sessions their local public school during the school day. Science-based “miracles” in the Quran are also taught to students at the Online Quran Courses madrasa.

Learn the Quran From Home With Online Lessons

We established ourselves due to an urgent necessity, as the standard curriculum does not adequately prepare young Muslims and Islamic instruction attending standard schools. In most cases, students who enrol in our Online Quran Classes for Adults complete them within one to two years. Every day, after school, a thousand or more students log on to our website to participate in our live, interactive Quran classes. each day of the week. At onlinequrancourses, students are placed not by age but by ability, and both Arabic and Islamic studies are taught in co-ed settings.

Simple Online Quran Course

After a long day at school or work, it can be exhausting to switch gears and focus on learning the Quran with tajweed online, therefore we want to make the experience as pleasant as possible for our students and keep in mind that they have already had to put in a lot of mental effort that day. The faith of Islam was revealed in Arabic, so teaching the language to pupils is important because it allows them to better understand the religion’s central text, the Quran.

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Trial classes are offered for free for the first week, following which you can pick your programme and instructor and continue with your regular classes. Come and join us.

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