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Pak Quran Online welcomes you to a reliable online Quran learning platform where you can get your kids to learn Quran so easily. So if you are looking for a Quran teacher for kids then this is the right place for you. Our vision is to deliver the Quran education across the USA, especially for the kids. Being a professional online Quran learning academy, we are offering the right Online Quran Classes in the USA, UK and Australia. Your kids need to learn Quran from reliable and experienced Quran teachers. Therefore, we ensure the best learning experience for your Kids and adults who want to learn Qaida & Quran. The theme of our platform is delivering quality Quran education ensuring mental health, comfort, and time-saving for the students. Therefore, we have introduced the finest virtual Quran learning system which connects students from across the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand to enjoy Online Quran teaching for kids sitting at their homes. We are working for many years with a vision to enlighten the new Muslim generation of the USA with the light of the Quran. Our Online Quran Classes for Kids are available for everyone who needs to learn and read Quran flawlessly. You don’t need to find an online Quran teacher locally because we are here for you. 

Why do I need Quran Classes Services?

Quran is the message of ALLAH for the entire humanity which is basically in Arabic language and has been translated into more than 100 languages. However, reciting Quran in Arabic is the best and the most peaceful practice. It is not easy for everyone to read and recite Quran fluently in English speaker. Therefore, there is a need for someone who can teach you or your kids how to read, recite and understand Quran in the best way. Our online Quran classes would help your kids to recite Quran accurately and without mistakes. It is very important to read Quran flawlessly because sometimes minor mistakes can change the entire meaning of the verse. 

Pak Quran Online Academy is here with highly qualified and experienced Quran teachers to teach Quran to your kids. Undoubtedly, reading and reciting Quran is the best activity which should be the art of your kids’ daily routine. So without wasting the time, get your kids registered now to Pak Quran Online for quality Quran learning online. 

online Quran classes
online Quran classes on skype

Easy online Quran learning by Quran Teaching Services

Quran learning for kids has become so easy with online Quran classes. When it comes to learning Quran or Qaida for kids in the UK the most difficult thing was finding a reliable and experienced Quran teacher for kids. This difficulty is no more for you because we are here with exciting online Quran teaching services. By getting your kids registered online at our academy you can provide them quality Quran education & learning keeping them safe & sound at your home. 

Normally our classes are conducted on Skype which is the most authentic and fast online video conference platform.  Our strong & effective online Quran Learning system enables you to keep in connection with our Quran tutors 24 by 7 a week. Once you get your kids registered at Learn Quran Online Academy you will find clear improvement in their reading and reciting Quran. In the case of kids of the age below 6 years, we Learn Noorani Qaida Online which helps to know the basics of reading Arabic words accurately. It is not an easy task to teach kids a book of another language that is unknown to them. 


Pak Quran Online Academy is not only providing kids Qaida learning & Quran reading but also the best Quran recitation, Quran translation, and Tajweed. So if you want to understand the Quran with translation and get the right message of Islam then we are providing the ease of learning the Quran online in the USA through the best Quran teachers. Our services are mainly for the kids, however, if someone wants to get enrolled, we appoint a separate Quran teacher for him/her. So don’t hesitate to get your kids or yourself registered to this amazing Quran Memorization and Learning platform.

Qualified and certified Male & Female Quran Tutors

Being professionals, we provide online Quran classes through male and female tutors. Male tutors teach kids of all ages and genders. Whereas female Quran tutor is for female students which are above the age of 10 years. In this way, your kids can get Quran Classes Online in the most comfortable and effective environment. For us, students’ mental satisfaction and peace of mind are very important because it helps the students to learn Quran more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, we also ensure the understanding level among students and teachers, which is very important for the students while asking questions that are in their minds. 

Best Quran Learning in the USA

Quran Classes online

Undoubtedly, this is the best Quran learning platform for your kids where experienced Quran teachers are teaching Quran recitation, reading & translation to the kids. We follow the “Quran classes online Skype” system which enables us to connect with students from across the UK and USA. In this busy life, it is vital to find a Quran teacher who can enlighten the young generation with the essence of the Holly Quran. Being a recognized and professional Quran Academy in the USA, UK and Australia we feel proud to deliver the best Online Quran TeacherTo build confidence in the kids, our Quran teachers perform different practices & techniques that allow the students.

Why Online Quran Learning Academy?

Choosing the right Quran tutor for your kids is your right and we feel happy to state that, Pak Quran Online Academy is the place where you can find the best Quran tutor. Having long Quran teaching experience and amazing knowledge of Islam our tutors satisfactorily teach the students the recitation, translation & reading of the Quran from the basics. We are certified and recognized Quran tutors in the USA offering exciting Quran classes for a long time. Now you don’t need to appoint a local Quran teacher in the USA to come to your home daily breaking your privacy & daily routine. Our Tutors would teach Quran to your kids online through Skype, Zoom, and the latest video conference platforms. Our 100% of students are fully satisfied with our services and they keep referring our services to their friends, relatives, and social circles. This is the way, we are now a recognized and reliable Quran Learning Platform in the UK and USA. 

Get Registered today and Learn Quran first

If you are up for registering your kids to an online Quran Academy in the USA and UK then Pak Quran Online is the best option for you. Get your kids registered now and let them learn Quran with the fundamental basics. Limited slots are available for a short period. So don’t waste your time and let us register your kids on a first come basis. We register students from across the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. However, if someone from another country wants to join our classes, our platform is available for everyone. We aim to spread awareness of Quran reading and reciting globally and Quran Lean Online is the platform to deliver the message of ALLAH. Contact our team by dialing the given numbers anytime. We’d respond to you within no time. Don’t miss to enlighten your kids and adults with the light of the Quran. We welcome everyone who wants to learn Quran recitation, Quran reading, Quran translation, or Quran Tajweed. The online Quran classes in the USA and UK are starting now.