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About Refunds Policy

Pak Quran Online offers to all parents/students that get back your refunds fully if you have joined our services and get registered for regular classes, paid the required monthly subscription but due to any reason, you couldn’t start the classes. However, once classes days and time are confirmed and students start their lessons online, one would not be able to get a refund of full or partially of the current month.

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What Would be Expected?

In case if you have paid for more than a month at once, after that if you’re not satisfied due to any reason, you will be refunded the remaining fee after deducting a small amount as a refund fee.

Once you have started the classes at Pak Quran Online, paid the fee already but immediately due to any reason if we fail to provide you classes then we will refund you the amount after deducting the refund fee.

When you have registered your kids as a family, some of them have completed the required course and want to stop the classes, then the paid fee would be transferred to the next months or we offer a refund also.

If you intent and want to hold the classes for a month or more, your paid fee would be transferred to next month only if the refund is more than a monthly fee.

No refund for the holidays. Eid holidays are included in the monthly fees and have no refund. As our teachers have no other leaves except Eid holidays, therefore, Eid holidays on both occasions are paid leaves.

When Will I Get My Refund?

As mentioned above all the conditions, therefore if you have found any one of these, you can freely contact us for a refund. You will find a refund directly deposited to your Bank account or debit cards by the first week of receiving your contact us form. Through any other sources, we can refund you depends upon your demand. We will contact you by mail when need more information according to your refund.

Why does it take so long to show refunds in my account?

After leaving Pak Quran Online it takes additional time for refunds to be processed, for financial institutions to accept and deposit them to bank accounts and products like debit cards. On holidays and weekends, most of the institutions do not process payment which can affect when refunds reach clients. We try our best to issue most refunds in less than 20 days.

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We are proud to help convert Muslims get free online Quran Classes and learn more about Islam, Basic Islamic Beliefs and Prayers.

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