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Reciting the Holy Quran can be difficult for a non-Arabic speaking person or a beginner, especially kids. To ease this task, Learn Noorani Qaida is learned because it has a basic foundation of the Quran pronunciation, as it is considered to be the first step towards reading the Holy Quran. It is used to educate the person who doesn’t speak Arabic on how to read and learn the Quran’s Arabic as it contains alphabet and grammar pronunciation, which can help to improve the reciting skills of the person whether they are an adult or a young kid.

At a young age, a kid’s mind is developing and nurturing. So they can quickly pick up all the things which are taught to them. They can learn new things faster and develop a sense of awareness in them. This awareness can establish and improve their skills like understanding the environment in which they are, communication with family, and how they observe things.

Benefits of teaching Noorani Qaida

  • The first step towards reciting the Holy Quran.
  • You can understand and read the letters of the Arabic language.
  • It is useful for recognizing the symbols and knowing how the letter would pronounce.
  • It is simple and can be learned in a short amount of time.
  • It is a practical way to learn Arabic grammar and language for reading the Quran.

Ways to start learning Noorani Qaida Online

There are many online ways to Learn Noorani Qaida for kids. Many platforms offer these services like online Quran classes and learning to read with Tajweed. One of the best platforms is Pak Quran Online Academy, as we have the best Islamic scholars and teachers available. Because as for an adult, you might need little or no help overall while reading the Noorani Qaida. But kids, they can’t read and understand it without a tutor. This academy is based in the USA, as the services offered and classes are conducted online. They have professional tutors with online teaching experience and have already taught many students online across the world. Those students can read the Holy Quran fluently.

Register your kids now!

For this purpose, you can visit the website Learn Quran Online Academy. The registration process is simple, and you can enroll your kid to Learn Noorani Qaida online. There is no need for a tutor to come to your house to teach your kids. The classes are hosted on the Skype platform, and the teachers have a vast amount of knowledge. That is related to Islam and the Holy Quran. They can teach your kid the fundamentals of the Quran, its translation, and recitation. Also, as the meaning behind its verses and what it is indicating.

Contact us

Contact Pak Quran Online Academy if you have any queries related to the services we offer. We can respond to you within minimum time and will try our best to give satisfactory results from our services. Many people are happy with the services we provide and they refer us to their friends and family members. Learn Noorani Qaida for kids is one of the best options, as we have experienced staff who teaches Islamic education too. So contact us right away because limited seats are available.

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